About This Blog

Please disregard the name.

It’s an arbitrary title, built years ago on the hottest SEO terms of #menswear, made on a whim during a particularly boring business law class.  Street is a reference to streetwear, while Sprezza is a reference to the Italian term of “studied carelessness”. In a hilarious way, they still apply to the words and images that grace this site, but it’s certainly different than what I first envisioned.  The best part is that it’s become exactly what I’ve wanted it to.

Like Die, Workwear before it, this blog has evolved beyond a name.  Don’t let it fool you; this is no ordinary #menswear blog that focuses on floral prints, Sprezzabox accessories, and fun socks. I prefer looking at things from an older lens, one that combines all encompassing vintage style of all kinds with contemporary tailoring and styling. In essence, it’s whatever I like to wear.  This blog is probably the only blog that advocates spearpoint collars, high rise trousers, and wide lapels and maintains that they are still able to be worn today along side  pieces like bucket hats and knit caps.  It’s irreverent and discordant, but that’s me!

One main focus of this blog is the history of menswear. That’s why you’ll find a plethora of historical articles, photos, and illustrations to provide original context on a particular garment, detail, or style move.  The other component is taking that garment or style move and placing it into the contemporary world.  Sometimes I wear it exactly how it was intended.  Other times it’s updated with a new lens.

What you might see in this blog will challenge you.  Topics can range from wearing your tie carelessly to wearing white socks with everything.  And of course, some personal things will find a way to jump out, like my favorite films or how I started painting. So in essence, this blog is more than just “streetwear” and “italian style”.  It’s whatever I want it to be, with words and photographs of my choosing.

Maybe that’s the real sprezzatura.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan M. Wong 



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  2. Aaron Calderon · January 1, 2016

    Started to follow you because of the Gentlemen Gazette I look forward to your advice.


    • Ethan W. · January 1, 2016

      Welcome to Street x Sprezza! I’m glad you’ve decided to follow! 🙂


  3. Mick Stewart · October 14, 2017

    Just found your site. Historical 30’s / Great Depression Era reenactor here. You really were able to square away deffirences between modern era and the 30’s but more importantly the need for expert tailoring. Many thanks for a phenom site.


    • Ethan W. · October 17, 2017

      Thank you Mick! Your words really do mean a lot to me. 🙂


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