About Street x Sprezza

“Classic Menswear with a Punk Attitude”

I’ll never forget that quote, as it sums up perfectly what this blog is about.  Don’t let the name fool you; this is no ordinary #menswear blog that focuses on floral prints, Sprezzabox accessories, and fun socks.  We prefer looking at things from an older lens, one that combines Golden Era 1930’s style with modern tailoring.  This blog is probably the only blog that advocates spearpoint collars, high rise trousers, and double breasted suits while still showing off modern classics like chelsea boots, stripe tees, and sneakers.

We are advocates of classic style with a twist; this is inherent in the name. Street is a reference to streetwear and its rebellious and alternative nature. It should mean that your style should be different and can be meant to challenge people’s view of traditional clothes. Sprezza is a reference to the classic Italian tailoring with a “studied carelessness”. We believe that this Italian mindset should be applied to all styles, whether it is minimalism, prep, or suits.  The combination of the two has resulted in this blog:  a rebellious, yet easy approach to classic menswear.  No matter what, your outfits should look easy and personal to you.   And if its different than what others expect, then do it. 

One main focus of this blog is the rules and history of menswear. I believe that every outfit and article of clothing is full of life, ranging from the history of the garment to its current application.  Don’t worry though, we won’t take away your creativity!    Once you know the basics, then you can feel free to break them. Many of us, while we love suits and tailoring, have a distinct personal style.  Having a personal style doesn’t always mean you have to follow the rules to a T. We simply want to give you inspiration to help you gain perspective and find new ways to wear your suits and ties.

Another goal of this blog is to show you that fashion is not something reserved for the rich.  We believe that fashion is in the hands of the everyday person and that everyone can look great. A lot of the stuff we wear will be from eBay or thrift stores, which are then tailored to fit our bodies.  While we do believe that certain high prices are required for certain details, you can definitely find some quality and unique pieces if you look hard enough.

What you might see in this blog will challenge you.  It might mean wearing sneakers with trousers or even wearing your tie carelessly.  It may even wearing something completely modern and tailored with a shirt or tie that hasn’t been worn in decades! We even advocate white socks.   These are all classic things that have our own unique spin on it.  Personal style is key at Street x Sprezza.


Ethan W. 

Street x Sprezza

Inquiries and Questions:  inquiry.streetxsprezza@gmail.com

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Ethan’s Instagram @ethanmwong



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  2. Aaron Calderon · January 1, 2016

    Started to follow you because of the Gentlemen Gazette I look forward to your advice.


    • Ethan W. · January 1, 2016

      Welcome to Street x Sprezza! I’m glad you’ve decided to follow! 🙂


  3. Mick Stewart · October 14

    Just found your site. Historical 30’s / Great Depression Era reenactor here. You really were able to square away deffirences between modern era and the 30’s but more importantly the need for expert tailoring. Many thanks for a phenom site.


    • Ethan W. · October 17

      Thank you Mick! Your words really do mean a lot to me. 🙂


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