Ad and Sponsorship Policy

As of this moment, Street x Sprezza does receive any revenue from any source on the blog.  Because this is a free wordpress account, advertisments do appear on reader’s screens; please note that we are not in control of that experience and we highly suggest using an Ad-Blocker if you do not wish to see ads.   We also do not have any sponsors.  None of the posts on this blog are paid nor have we received any free items in exchange for an article. We have done reviews on this blog before but they were always paid by us for our own purposes.  Things like the SJC Two-Tone Waistcoat and the Indochino DB were paid by me out of my own pocket.  While they aren’t exceedingly expensive, they certainly weren’t cheap.

If a post is sponsored (or we receive a free garment for review purposes), it will be stated outright at the beginning and end of the article.  We believe that transparency is key for keeping a high quality blog and we’re always happy to answer any questions regarding this policy.

We also do not do announcement posts for products we have not actually tried for ourselves.  I believe that a hands-on experience is the best way to get to know a product; simply seeing pictures does nothing for me.

With that said, this blog is always open to doing reviews of products, whether they are ties or MTM (or even bespoke) services. I will say that this blog isn’t like other menswear blogs. We approach style with a vintage mind and a thrifty wallet. Street x Sprezza will be completely blunt and honest with any review as well as determine the feasibility of purchase.  We don’t want to advocate something that we wouldn’t normally buy on our own!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.  If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or having us review a product, you can reach out to the blog here.


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