Old Ethan, My Style Evolution, and The Journey to Being Myself


A big part of this blog is being intentional about the menswear aesthetic you want.  My issue early on was that I didn’t know what aesthetic I wanted. In short, I didn’t even know what being “Ethan” meant.

Read on and enjoy the podcast episode about how long and anxiety-inducing this path was for me (and Spencer).

And if you’re wondering, yes, that first picture is supposed to be cringe.

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My Return to Sneakers and Their Place in Classic Menswear

As a menswear guy who loves tailoring and got his start wearing period accurate vintage, I had no place for sneakers in my wardrobe.  Now they’re a welcome alternative to loafers for me, being worn with jeans and shorts to even full trousers.

It helps if you understand the different types of sneakers out there and how they fit into different vibes of classic menswear. Hopefully this proves useful to me; if not, you can just look at the great pictures!

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Embracing the Wide Legged Trouser

After years of avoiding wide fit trousers to negate the unfortunate connotations of my past collecting period menswear, I’ve finally come to terms that it is something I enjoy and is a big part of my style.

Apart from being something intentional and different than dressing to fit in, I also find it comfortable and flattering!  Plus, wide fit pants are in- haven’t you been looking at alt tiktok?

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SaDCast Show Notes: Yung Chomsky, Menswear & The Left

#TheSaDCast has it’s first guest on in a couple of years and it’s none other than Yung Chomksy, the producer of the TrueAnon Podcast and a fellow menswear enthusiast.

The First Part is where he talks about his menswear journey, how it aligns with his (and our) leftist politics, and how people of his political cohort (especially on twitter) view his attire.  The Second Part focuses much more on politics, drilling down on the aesthetics of political movements, decontextualizing menswear, and reconciling our hobby with progressivism.

It’s probably the best episode of Style & Direction so far!

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