Cotton Suits and Atelier Fugue


Wrinkly, hefty, and slouchy cotton is one of my favorite materials of all time.  Having it made up as a suit is a no-brainer.

It’s full of character, it’s easy to wear, and in my opinion, better than linen. Read More


“Edgy” Menswear and Wearing Black


You know those rules you always learn early in life which you later go on to break, because it’s just so much fun? Yeah, that’s me with using black (and wearing dark fits in general) within classic menswear.

To some, it’s definitely a bit subversive.  And that’s cool as hell.

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Bryceland’s Co & Ethan Newton


Visiting Bryceland’s was an incredible experience because it allowed me not only to see the store which has inspired me so much in recent years, but also because of the opportunity to meet one of my style icons.

I can only hope that I acted as chill as I thought I was being.  Probably not.

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