The Armoury For Less: Vintage and Vintage Inspired

I swear, the Armoury’s tumblr and instagram are just a plethora of inspiration.  They’ve inspired me for my two recent outfits that I wore to Scott and Tim’s graduation! Don’t worry, I didn’t spend thousands of dollars like the Armoury Boys.

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Colorful Vintage Style at Spring Dapper Day


Dapper Day is my version of Pitti Uomo; street style abounds!  People are able to go around Disneyland and dress up in style, whether its vintage, vintage inspired, or modern!  Since it is Spring, the guys and I decided to take our vintage style to the next level.  Most people make the misconception that vintage clothes are all made of thick wools and are only available in muted, boring colors.  However, the 1940’s were still stylin’ in hot weather! They had a variety of fabrics that were still breathable and and comfortable to wear and were especially light colored for spring and summer fashion!   Our outfits for Spring Dapper Day give you real evidence that vintage suit style is still creative, fun, and colorful!

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