Having Fun with Socks

Apart from masturbation,  there are a bunch of ways that you can have fun with socks, classic menswear included.  We just happen to prefer the solid, colorful ones over the obnoxious novelty ones.   Read More

The Vintage Trench Coat

Rain in LA is like manna from heaven, since it seems that the state of California is perpetually on the brink of a drought.  Other than giving us some much needed water, it also gives me a reason to break out my vintage trench coat.

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Ethan’s Grails: The 1930’s Unstructured Navy Flannel DB Belt Back Jacket

Phew. That title is a mouthful, isn’t it?

As I continue to be more intentional in my buying (instead of buying random thrifts for the sake of tailoring), I’ve decided that my money could be better used on obtaining grails, both for wear and use in a bespoke reproduction.  One of the first ones was the 1930’s brown SB patch pocket suit (with gorgeous lapels).  This jacket was the next one.

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