Partying with WM Brown at Sid Mashburn & The Bloke


Oh man.  Nothing like two (nearly) back to back events filled with meat and negronis.  LA had its hands full of menswear this past weekend!

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Cotton Suits and Atelier Fugue


Wrinkly, hefty, and slouchy cotton is one of my favorite materials of all time.  Having it made up as a suit is a no-brainer.

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High Contrast Summer Outfits


It’s long, deal with it. 

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post on actual style advice; a lot of the articles have been pretty educational as of late.  Well, seeing as it’s summer, I thought that it would be pertinent to give of some ideas on how to dress.  Something that we’ve loved doing to make an interesting outfit in hot weather (that has direct connotations to the 1930s-1940s) is by going high contrast. 

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