SaDcast Show Notes: Tuxedos, Black Tie, & Evening Wear

So we’re going to start releasing show notes to go along with our podcast episodes! It will help you follow along and see what we’re talking about. It’s not a full blog post, but rather just tidbits and pictures from the pod.

This latest one is all about black tie, done in anticipation of the Dapper Day x LA Phil event, which was finally an appropriate time to don evening wear.

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New Year’s Eve Attire at the Cicada Club

For the past 3 years, I’ve worn a tuxedo on New Years. I’d like to say that December 31, 2016 was no different, but the truth is that I’m wearing a sweater and jeans as I write this.  However, I was able to wear my black tie ensemble to a NYE Eve (December 30th) party at the Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles!  There was dancing, drinks, and a myriad of well dressed people ranging from vintage enthusiasts, swing dancers, and Hollywood types. Here’s what we wore to the event!  You could also consider this a post on how to do black tie correctly!

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