A Tailoring Experiment: Pleated Trousers

Now that we can agree that pleats are cool, it’s time to try them out.  I noted in my previous article that it is difficult to obtain pleated pants with the necessary details (high rise, slim-straight).  So when I was presented with an opportunity to try and tailor down some 1980’s baggy, double pleated pants, I took it.  If it worked out, I may have found a way to get pleated pants at an affordable price! If not, I’ll be out a few bucks, but I know it can’t be done. Let’s find out!

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Experimentation: Dressing Down


Usually I’m in some form of #menswear, whether it is a suit or a blazer.  However, there are a few days when I’m actually dressed down.  I’ve always been a fan of normcore and certain types of streetwear, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to show it off, even if it is a rare occassion.  What do you think?

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