What We Wore This Week: Unexpected Pieces


Lately we’ve been focusing on some editorial content, like wearing a polo with a suit or wearing a double breasted suit.  It’s time to take a short break from my mouthpiece and take a look at what the guys have been wearing lately!   While a majority of the outfits on this blog are sartorially themed, each of us put our personality into each of our outfits.  They might all involve trousers, dress shoes, and button-up shirts, but it’s the unexpected pieces that truly mark our personal style.

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Smokin’ Hot Jackets feat. Jay and Spencer

Recently I was invited to a dinner party hosted by my good friend Spencer.  Unlike most parties, this one came with a dress code:  wear a smoking jacket. So Jay, Spencer, and I crafted some unique and classy outfits to show to you guys today! All featuring the seldom worn smoking jacket.

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