Regressing with Vintage Sweatshirts, Hoodies, & Sweatpants


Up until college, I wore hoodies and sweatshirts all the time. Suddenly, I cast them away, finding them lazy and illfitting for a gentleman in tailoring.

Then after years of breaking that cringey mindset, I find myself wearing them again, this time with a new mentality and method that would have melted 2013 Ethan’s Gatbsy-loving brain.

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Going Full Rick


This isn’t sponsored.  This is literally me trying on my friend’s clothes.

Nothing says “fashion” like Rick Owens.  Seriously.  With an avant guarde design and luxury status among this facet,  I never thought that I’d ever get (or want) to wear anything Rick.  However, when a friend comes to visit with a suitcase full of Rick, you just gotta go all in.

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