My Custom 1930’s Style Fedora


 Thanks to neckbeards and the internets, fedoras have probably been ruined for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if its actually a fedora (not a trilby); you will be ridiculed for wearing one.  However, all of the stigma in the world didn’t stop me from getting one custom made.

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Trunk Club: A College Student’s Review of a Personal Style Service

I normally don’t need help finding clothes that suit me, because I think I know what works best for me.  What’s interesting, however, is learning what other people think looks good on you.  Everybody has got opinions and sometimes its best to use them and broaden your sartorial horizons.  That’s where Trunk Club comes in.  It’s a mens outfitting service that sends you clothes based on your personal style to try on at home and  keep what you like.  After chatting with Emily, my personal Trunk Club stylist my first trunk came in.

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