The Bottom Button-Pocket Line Harmony

It’s time to finally write a full essay on what is perhaps the most important detail I pay attention to in menswear  and how use it as a basis for purchases and commissions.

That detail is the Harmony that exists between  a bottom button and a pocket line on the same horizontal plane.

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SadCast Show Notes: The Big AMA

This is it, our big AMA episode! We answer your questions like how we dress in hot weather, if vintage style will ever die, and what the heck do we have as our phone lock screens!

Today also marks the launch of our Patreon and Discord! There are some big things coming in the future.

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SadCast Show Notes: On J. Crew

J. Crew has filed for bankruptcy. While that doesn’t mean the store is going away for good, it inspired us to have a full discussion on the Brand! We trace its history from it’s early catalogue/RL wanna-be days to its status as the mainstream’s voice for #menswear, Americana, and heritage.

Even though we don’t always buy from it (especially as our tastes have changed), it still holds a place in our hearts. Perhaps this is a sign for how mainstream menswear/mall brands will fare in the future..

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