Park Picnic Style

UntitledI wasn’t planning on doing a full blog post today, but the fact that everyone looked great and that there was a garden in the park warranted a need for one!  Here, we show you some basic picnic styles on everyone!  Before, “American sportswear” was the term for clothes that were meant to be worn casually.  Now, you can literally wear anything everywhere.  So check out what everyone brought to the table!  Each person’s outfits really shows their personal style.

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“Warm and Windy” – Spring Outfits to Wear to Class


It’s time to put away the coats and scarves, because spring is finally here!  Even though the heat is slowly picking up, it’s still pretty windy out there, ensuring some chilly nights. This doesn’t mean you have to dress down, however; look at this as an opportunity to try some new looks! Today, the team brings you some great outfits to break out this Spring!

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