The Style of Reynolds Woodcock in “Phantom Thread”

Reynolds Woodcock was one of the the premiere dressmakers in 1950’s London.  It’s only fitting that his own wardrobe is on par with the dresses he creates.  With a minimalistic approach to style, Reynolds looks simultaneously vintage and classic, with an air of fussy elegance to boot.  This post discusses the style of Daniel Day-Lewis’ character in Phantom Thread.  

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Vintage Menswear Details They Don’t Do Anymore


Extra Long Blog Post! 

One of the questions I get from guys who have come across my style is “why do you like vintage”? Well the truth of the matter is, I don’t always like to wear vintage.  There are a few things that modern manufacturers get right that I enjoy (extremely soft tailoring is one). If I had the money, I could possibly have an entire bespoke wardrobe.  However there’s one main reason why I always return to vintage and that’s due to the details that they just don’t do anymore.

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