Regressing with Vintage Sweatshirts, Hoodies, & Sweatpants


Up until college, I wore hoodies and sweatshirts all the time. Suddenly, I cast them away, finding them lazy and illfitting for a gentleman in tailoring.

Then after years of breaking that cringey mindset, I find myself wearing them again, this time with a new mentality and method that would have melted 2013 Ethan’s Gatbsy-loving brain.

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The Vintage Cowichan Novelty Sweater

I am a big fan of vintage clothing. They’re filled with so much character that you just can’t find today!  Unless you go bespoke or completely custom, there’s no way you’re going to get specific lapels, particular cuts/designs, or even cool fabric.  Vintage is a staple of my wardrobe and I am always on the lookout for something cool to add into my rotation!  Outerwear and sweaters in particular are a great way to add some vintage pizzaz into your own outfits.  A few articles ago we talked about the vintage M-43 field jacket and the Fair Isle Sweater vest. This time we’re going to look at a vintage Cowichan sweater.

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The Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone loves a great Christmas sweater.  They’re festive, colorful, and instantly adds fun to any Holiday party.  Now, not many guys have one (or want to), so  we’re going to look at a few outfits from the regulars at Street x Sprezza and see how they use both traditional Christmas patterns and normal sweaters to create an outfit for those upcoming Holiday parties!

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Styles of the 2015 Vintage Fashion Expo

This weekend I was able to go to the 2015 Vintage Fashion Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.  Vintage fashion is a personal hobby of mine.  While I do love wearing modern clothes, there is something about the cut and patterns of the 1920s-1950’s that interest me.  So this weekend, I went to the Expo wearing one of my favourite and most unique vintage pieces.  I was also able to snap a few shots of people’s fashion  that I enjoyed!

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Who Wore It Better: The Nautical Stripe

Continuing our new feature, Raj and I bring you a classic preppy pattern: the nautical stripe.  Even though Rajesh and I like to dress up (and even have some of the same clothes) we each have our own unique style.  So we decided to do a challenge:  let’s keep the same shirt pattern but we have to try and make it our own.  So let us know what you think in the comments below!  Who did wear it best?

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