Wearable Women Wednesdays with Vivianna

I don’t wear suits everyday, yet most people associate me with them.  This is true of Vivianna; she’s often associated with dark colours.  In fact, she was in our Campus Search Tuesday pulling off an all-black look.  But she doesn’t do it often.  Vivianna isn’t afraid to break out of what people expect of her and that’s why she’s this weeks Wearable Women Wednesday.

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How to Dress for College: Monochromatic Style

Everyone had those “color block” days in high school.  Heck, it carries over today.  It’s easy just picking all of the same color and wearing it to class to give a monochromatic look.  Here we explore taking those color block ideas and turning them into something that can be mature and cool to wear around your campus! Just remember two main ideas when pulling this off:

1.  Wear differing shades in your articles of clothing

2. Use patterns to set each piece apart!

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