The Team of Street x Sprezza

The team here at Street x Sprezza is diverse yet small.  Each of us have our own different style and approach to classic menswear, which ensures you to find the right style for you.  Even though we’re new, we’re always looking for ideas and content!   Feel free to contact us with any questions or follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to!



Ethan W. (@ethanmwong) – Creative Director and Writer

Ethan is a fashion photographer, vintage clothing collector/style expert, and current social media manager for Ascot Chang.  Growing up in LA, he has always been a fan of fashion, whether it was his parents dressing him up in kiddy-preppy outfits or his later years as a vintage-clothing enthusiast. Since he knows what it is like for people to question his fashion, Ethan is a huge proponent  of personal style.  His own take on fashion has its roots in the classic style of the 1930’s and 1940’s while still appreciating garments from the 60s and 70s and modern tailroing.  By combining what he’s learned from the past with the current state of international bespoke and the millennial love affair with 90’s street style, he hopes to bring your a unique take on fashion to help you find your personal style.  He’s also taught Scott, Spencer, and Vince everything he knows on photography to create a consistent visual narrative for Street x Sprezza.


Spencer O. (@spencerotte) – Model/Editor/Photographer 

Spencer is the vintage guy.  While Ethan does have a passion for the Golden Era of Menswear (1930-1940), it is Spencer who actually wears it on a day to day basis. Just one look at him and you’ll assume he’s a time traveler!  He finds time out of his busy schedule studying history and practicing improv to get his picture taken to share his true vintage outfits with our readers!




Scott E.  – Weekday Photographer

Scott is Ethan’s roommate and the person who see’s him the most.  As a result, Scott is the one who critiques Ethan’s outfit before it gets posted!  Many times Ethan tries some daring stuff, but Scott is the one who tones it down, makes sure the patterns and colors work, and gives general outfit advice.  He’s an invaluable asset to Ethan and the entire blog.  While he doesn’t get featured often, Scott does enjoy dressing up!




Jon H. (@jon.hwang) – Guest Photographer

Jon is an amazing photographer and videographer.  As the resident entreprenuer, many of his outfits are built around a combination of comfort and professionalism.  Jon is usually busy running his own corporate video branding  business  but he does get to shoot for Street x Sprezza when he can!  His style of photography is amazing and has been a great influence in the artistic direction of the blog.



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